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Inverter Air Plasma Cutter

CUT-200 inverter air plasma cutter is the biggest model of inverter air plasma cutter and its dimension and weight are 17 times and 10.5 times of model PLASMA CUT-40. For application, this product can be mainly used for a variety of metals thinner than 63mm, such as aluminum plate. For cooling methods, water cooling and air cooling are available for customer to choose. As well as that, there are water/air cooling button, automatic/manual keeping button, protection and water shortage indicators on control panel and there are gas and water exits for cutting gun at the bottom of the tank, facilitating operation.

Detailed Specifications
Model No.: CUT-200
Rated input voltage: Three-phase380V±10%
No-load voltage: 270 V
Current welding range: 40-200 A
Rated input power: 37.5 KVA
Rated input current: 56.3 A
Rated output current: 200 A
Rated load voltage: 150 V
Duty cycle: 60%
Incise the thickness biggest: ≤65mm
Incise the thickness best: ≤50mm
N.W.: 95kg
Dimension (L×W×H): 720×420×1000mm

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