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IGBT Inverter Submerged Arc Welder

MZ-630 IGBT inverter submerged arc welder is the smallest welding machine manufactured by our company according to automatic submerged arc process. This machine has two kinds of welding modes, manual welding and submerged arc welding and each mode has different range of current, 40 to 620A for manual welding and 60-630A for submerged arc welding. Instead of a handle, there are two rings on the top of the safety box, facilitating the upgrading of the mechanical lift. At the same time, this product has a high level of automation. To be more specific, the external barrel of MZ-630 IGBT inverter submerged arc welder can load 10L flux, wire reel can take 20 kg of wire and the entire welding speed can reach 20-150cm/min.

Detailed Specifications
Model No.: MZ-630
Input power: Three-phase 380V 50/60HZ
Rated input power: 35.8KVA
Rated input current: 49A
Duty cycle: 100%
No-load voltage (MAX): 70-90V
Adjustment range of current (MMA): 40-630A
Adjustment range of current (SAW&CC): 60-630A
Adjustment range of current (SAW&CV): 17V-50V
Diameter of wire: 2-4mm
Wire feeding speed: 30-360cm/min
Welding speed: 20-150cm/min
Capacity of flux container: 10L
Capacity of wire container: 20KG
Weight of tractor: 45KG
Air switch: 63A
Insulation grade: F
Raising means: LIFT
Protection grade: IP21S
Weight of welder: 58KG
Dimensions(L×W×H): 630×310×500mm

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