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  • WSM-315 Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderFor design of WSM-315 inverter DC Pulse TIG welder, TIG welding technique is adopted. Compared with general inverter DC pulse TIG welder, its dimension, net weight and duty cycle are all bigger than its counterpart, these are the clear indications that this machine can work under full load for a long time and it is suitable for tough operation environment such as the wild. Rated output current for this product is 315A which means ...
  • WSM-400 Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderFor design of WSM-400 inverter DC pulse TIG welder, advanced soft-switch inverter technology and micro-computer digital control technology are adopted, thus vulnerableness of IGBT is resolved, making the control board design more easily. Besides that, control accuracy and speed are dramatically improved and this machine is pretty ideal for sheet metal welding.
  • WSM-500 Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderWSM-500 inverter DC pulse TIG welder with the design of PWM, PFM technologies and DC pulse inverter, has an increased efficiency and a stable and constant welding current. With 500A rated output current and 37.5KG net weight, this is the biggest version of the series. Three-phase voltage is adopted in this product, with rated input voltage of 380V, it has a strong capacity of anti-grid fluctuations.

Industrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder is provided by our company to domestic and foreign clients, there are three machines of this series, WSM-315, WSM-400 and WSM-500. All of them are designed with PWM and PFM technologies, making the operating current output more stable. Meanwhile, a lot of control knobs are integrated on the front panel of the products, apart from the function of adjustment of current up /down slope time, there are also many auxiliary control functions such as start and crater arc current control, before and after the control aspiration, duty cycle control. The operation is stable and with the sheet metal range of 0.8 to10mm, the performance of welding is outstanding. Industrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder can be comprehensively used for petrochemical, power construction, pipeline installation, metal welding operation, stainless steel, copper and aluminum welding, stainless steel decoration and industrial products processing, etc.

There are many characteristics of our industrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder. In the first place, DC TIG, pulse TIG and manual argon arc are combined together, making the machine versatile enough. Secondly, with IGBT module and 18KHZ inverter frequency, this machine has a fast dynamic response, good stability and small welding spatters. Apart from that, there are many functions of the machine such as start / crater current, current up/down slope time, base current, peak current, pulse frequency, duty cycle, post flow time adjustment and high frequency arc. Thirdly, the machines have perfect protection features, resistant to impact of anti-current soft-start and over current and overheat protection. Meanwhile, it has the strong ability in compensating the grid voltage, making it highly efficient and ideal for construction work at various places.

As a reminder, when using industrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder for arc welding, the welding area ventilation should be strengthened and you are supposed to wear fresh-air mask or welding helmet when working in an unventilated and local place. As well as that, pulse TIG operation is pretty sensitive to weldment and filler metal surface contamination so surface oils, coatings, processing lubricants and oxide film on the surface of the weldment should be totally eliminated before welding.

Jing Gong Welding is a China-based industrial inverter DC pulse TIG welder manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as industrial inverter gas shield welding machine, inverter DC pulse TIG welder, and inverter welding positioner.

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  • WSM-160 Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderWSM-160 inverter DC pulse TIG welder is a piece of high-quality welding equipment manufactured by the TIG welding technique, with a variety of microcomputer control and soft switching converter technology adopted, this machine is highly efficient and reliable. There are accurate fine and coarse adjustment for base current and downhill current, thus reducing deformation and burn. As a reminder, please do not use the machine ...
  • WSM-250 Inverter DC Pulse TIG WelderWSM-250 inverter DC pulse TIG welder is the largest model among these three machines because its dimension and volume are 2.5 times and 1.82 times of WSM-160 inverter DC pulse TIG welder. This equipment has functions of DC TIG and hand welding, making it ideal for welding of a variety of metals such as carbon steel, copper, silver, titanium and stainless steel. As well as that, casters are installed to increase its mobile ...