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Inverter DC Pulse TIG Welder

WSM-160 inverter DC pulse TIG welder is a piece of high-quality welding equipment manufactured by the TIG welding technique, with a variety of microcomputer control and soft switching converter technology adopted, this machine is highly efficient and reliable. There are accurate fine and coarse adjustment for base current and downhill current, thus reducing deformation and burn. As a reminder, please do not use the machine at full load for a long time, because there is danger of overheating.

Detailed Specifications
Model No.: WSM-160
Dimension (L×W×H): 420×180×310mm
Sheet metal thickness:0.3-2mm
Rated input voltage: 220V±10%
Current welding range: 5-160A
Basic current range: 5-160A
Pulse frequency: 0.5-25HZ
Pulse rate: 10-90%
Post flow time: 1-10s
Duty cycle: 35%
N.W.: 11kg

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